About this project

Portalscape is a campaign world/setting intended for the Pathfinder 2nd Edition roleplaying game. The concept could be summarized by referencing existing IP, settings and material as follows. Imagine sword and spell fantasy combined with Cyberpunk, Stargate SG-1, planescape and Drow of the Underdark.

This world has evolved from a typical swords and sorcery setting into an alien Arcanopunk one with magical effects incorporated into seemingly technological devices. Weapons don’t fire bullets – they project spell effects. Robots don’t function through computers and electromechanics; they use cultured nerve and neural cells from jellyfish, polymerized into shape and nurtured with magical energies. Their shells are formed by spells and animated magically. 

Deep in the caverns of the underworld, Dark Elves rule over perhaps surprisingly multicultural cities of teeming multitudes. Corporations replace houses, families and guilds, and construct monolithic stalactite, stalagmite and column fortresses as bases for their local and extraplanar activities.

Throughout the underworld are numerous nodes of latent extraplanar power, with invixible ley-lines connecting to others. At these nodes can be constructed extraplanar gates that could potentially lead to one an almost infinite possability destinations.  Some portals simply lead to distant locations on the local world, while others might lead to other other fantasy, sci-fi or modern worlds. Others might lead to the outer plains – to one of the heavens or hells. A few even lead to the same planet, but in the distant past.   

What we can do for each other

This project will require a successful crowdfunding campaign to go ahead as intended.

Amongst other things, it is of vital importance that a good portfolio of high-quality, highly provocative and inspiring artwork be made to really catch the hearts of potential funders. 

The best initial artwork will be funded by this company, one-by-one as we build up trust and a good working relationship. Once funding is secured, the artists involved in setting the art style will be first in line and get the lions share of commissions. 

This project will be Art heavy. 40% of the creation budget will go straight to artwork comissions. 


There will need to be cover art, 2-page chapter spreads, character portraits, equipment illustrations, location landscapes and others.