Professional teachers of all kinds can easily find a good, well paying and comfortable job at the numerous private and public education organisations throughout China. The most numerous positions available are the ubiquitous small training schools and kindergartens scattered though almost every suburb of every city in China. They generally require native English speaking ESL teachers from Western countries with varying requirements of qualifications and experience. Typical schools require provable qualifications of at least a bachelors degree (in any subject) and TESOL certificate.

While work at small training schools and kindergartens is the easiest for foreign teacher to find, they are also the most diverse in quality of workplace, management, students, work schedule and environment. A new foreign teacher should be prepared to persevere through the first contract and then move schools from a position of knowledge and strength for the following contracts.


Universities and foreign managed international schools  are a good place for education professionals to advance their careers in China. Degrees in Education and school subject teaching suitable for the institution are requirements just as they would be for schools in Western countries.


Universities and foreign international schools offer a lifestyle similar to what an educator might expect from equivalent institutions in their home countries, with a strong management presence, fixed salary, regular holidays, campus accommodation and english-speaking staff.


Examples for almost all technological items are being produced in China, often at a scale not seen in other countries. From the forging of the smallest component of automotive brake assemblies to massive infrastructure projects that take decades to conceive, plan and construct, engineers are the nervous system of the entire project. 

Engineers have massively diverse in training, skills and experience. Finding your best next career move in China might seem like a daunting task. This is where our skilled staff can hunt through the myriad of options and find the entity most in need of your engineering qualities that suits you and your requirements. 

Interior Designers

One career you might not have associated with China as in need of foreign talent is interior design. In fact, almost every apartment and redecoration company would love to have a talented foreign design expert with whom they could convey a uniqueness to the customer not offered by other more generic Chinese design companies. 


Beyond having a great looking portfolio, a successful foreign interior designer would benefit from an expressive and confident creative flair, salesmanship and impeccable style. 

You would often be working away from fluent English speaking workmates and customers, but if you focus on what is important you can really be successful in making your mark in China.


True professionals of almost any field are needed in China. 

Finding the right fit for your next career move in China is what we are all about. 

Naturally, the higher degreed, trained, skilled and experienced a professional, the more options are available and the faster it is to find just the right position for your future.