Many positions are available for teachers in Dalian, China.

Dalian is a vibrant, modern city in China’s North East. Downtown has a bustling, big-city feel with all the cosmopolitan features, while satellite towns like Jinzhou, Kaifaqu and Lushun are quiet and laid-back. I personally love Jinzhou as I am not fond of traffic.

Who is needed?

In general, anyone with a bachelors degree or above and the confidence to live for an extended period of time in a non-English speaking country can consider living and working in China. Chinese students desire to learn ‘correct’ oral English from a native English-speaking person from an primarily English speaking nation because they are unhappy with the poor accents and intonation of Chinese English teachers and are afraid of learning incorrect pronunciation.


A bachelors degree or above in any subject is a hard requirement. These days qualifications are required to be certified in their original form in the country of origin by the Chinese consulate or embassy. If you don’t have a real degree from a reputable university, you should not proceed any further until you get one.

Native English speaker. You should be from a country where English is the primary national language. In practice, this means people from the USA Canada, UK and Australia. New Zealand and ‘white’ South African status as native English speakers has been changed recently and is worth investigating with the local Chinese embassy or consulate.

An applicant should be younger than 50 years of age, though sometimes 55 years is allowed.

You need to be in good health as a health check is requirement for the visa application and later for residency and foreign-expert certification.

Many jobs require two years of teaching experience. In some cases this can be downgraded to simply two-years experience in full-time work and for some jobs replaced entirely with on-the-job training.

A degree in education and more experience in teaching subjects in public schools will be factors in earning a higher starting salary.

What can I expect?

These days salaries are ranging from 15k RMB plus apartment for new teachers with limited experience all the way up to above 20k plus apartment for experienced teachers and those with degrees in education. Kindergartens often offer work schedules with regular weekdays and weekends free, while training schools often have night-time and weekend work, but a few weekdays free.

How do I apply?

It’s easy. Just send your CV (resume) to us at along with a photo of you holding your passport near your face, and we will start hunting for the best job to suit your needs and experience.