Talented people of many nations are facing the dilemma of stagnant growth or recession in their comfort zones and find themselves contemplating what move might be the right one for the future. Where in the world can the expected wage eclipse the costs of living so that your disposable income or savings is highest. For those only a few years into their careers, or seasoned professionals, the answer can only be China.

In truth China is a difficult destination. This is a good thing for someone with drive and determination, as so much of the competition simply lack the focus and persistence to overcome all the initial hurdles and succeed in a Chinese career. After establishing yourself in China, I bet you will never look back.

Don’t even consider China if you don’t have a degree from a reputable university, preferably one offering four-year courses. Back in the day, many foreigners could bluff or fudge their way through requirements such as this, but let me tell you that everything on the Chinese government side has been tightened up, including certifying documents in advance and a new integrated computer network across all Chinese government departments that interlinks all aspects of government, foreign records included. I have spent months getting my house in order, so believe me when I say the above.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to arranging your future career in China. The first application you make for your first Chinese job will take a long time, and place many hurdles of frustration and expenses in front of you. You will have to access the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate a few times, and/or have your documents couriered around the country and waiting weeks for processing of various documents. Police background checks have to be certified, annotated and the original documents have to be sent to the Embassy. Health checks have to be performed and many other actions performed. Don’t give up, because so many of your competition have given up and abandoned a bright future, leaving more choice and money on the table for you!

Varying levels of frustration and Culture Shock also await you once you arrive in China, but the right frame of mind you will never look back.

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