Amazing Sci-Fantasy Setting for Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Portalscape Pre-development

about this project

A completely unique but still familiar setting engineered to crash onto the scene 6 Months after the publishing of Pathfinder 2nd Editon RPG.

This project is deliberately engineered to produce a distinctly unique setting for roleplaying-game play for the soon to be released Pathfinder 2nd Edition Roleplaying game. This setting crushes together Planeswalking high-magic fantasy tropes with cyberpunk and science-fiction/fantasy. 

Players will experience familiar fantasy races and characters re-imagined within a rich and unique science-fantasy setting where there expectations are disintegrated into extra-planar ethereal nano-particles.  

our product

Intention of this product:

A significant percentage of the overall non-printing budget will be devoted to artwork. Once the small team of artists is in place and the unified artwork look-and-feel is set, funding will be assigned to procure each major piece individually and each batch of illustrations in turn.

To ensure initial crowd-funding of the project, the project founder will fund the first batch of iconic artwork that will grab the attention of audience (as well as provide legally-usable artwork for the project’s website and promotional material.)

The art direction is yet to be set, potentially allowing a lead artist to present a never-before-seen look to this work.

Do you want to be a major part of this exciting project?